What is CyberRoad?
CyberROAD is aimed to identify current and future issues in the fight against cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism in order to draw a strategic roadmap for cyber security research. A detailed snapshot of the technological, social, economic, political, and legal scenario on which cyber crime and cyber terrorism do develop will be first provided. Then, cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism will be analyzed in order to indentify research gaps and priorities.

Why CyberRoad?
Recent studies on the evolution of the principal cyber threats reveal scenarios characterized by the growth of cyber criminal activities. Even though the level of awareness of cyber threats has increased, and law enforcement acts globally to fight against them, illegal profits have reached unsustainable figures. The estimated annual cost over global cybercrime is 500 billion dollars (more than 18 victims per second). In addition to the economic reasons, cyber attacks often hidden political and social motivations which constitute a serious threat to national security (hacktivism, cyber espionage, cyber warfare).

What will CyberRoad do?
The main objective of CyberROAD is “developing the Cybercrime and Cyber-terrorism research roadmap”. This roadmap will be built through an in-depth analysis of all the technological, social, legal, ethical, political, and economic aspects on which cybercrime and cyber-terrorism are rooted. The research roadmap will be achieved by co-ordinating the efforts of the CyberROAD consortium along three key directions: technology, society and cybercrime and cyber-terrorism.

For more information:  http://www.cyberroad-project.eu/
CyberROAD "Development of the Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism research roadmap"
(FP7-SEC-2013 GA no. 607642)