I-ALLOW  is a research and development project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 (H2020) programme. I-ALLOW’s main objective is to develop and demonstrate a civil low cost imaging system based on a novel multifunctional approach camera system integrated with a high performance processing unit addressing a vast variety of outdoor scenarios for safety and security applications.
The consortium is leaded by IMEC (BE) and is composed by the following partners: BrightWay Vision (IL), Aitek (IT), PROPRS (UK), SNCF (FR), Tecnositaf (IT) and Maritime Office in Gdynia (PL).
The technical objective is to design and develop a IP day-and-night, multi-spectral active-gated imaging solution for low lighting and harsh weather conditions (rain, snow, smog) based on the integration of:
I-ALLOW "Imaging analysis in all lighting and off weather conditions"
(H2020 GA no. 645262)
a novel gated CMOS imager sensor (“GCMOS”);
a novel hyper-spectral filter monolithically integrated on top of the GCMOS;
a novel high efficiency pulsed light NIR.
The imaging solution will be integrated with a high performance processing module to provide users’ functions and communication interfaces for integration in real-world cases and industrial applications.
The target characteristics of the I-ALLOW imaging system are the following:
imagery at day time, night-time and harsh weather conditions for at least 200m with a single imaging system;
imagery in the visible and NIR spectrum;
embedded video-analytics exploiting the improved imagery.