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PROPRS has completed as contributing partner the following EC-funded projects:
GREENTRANSPORT-TV "Enhancing public awareness on the results of European research actions on Climate Friendly Transport Systems through the professional use of television media" (DG RTD Transport - FP7 CSA-SA no. 234214)
ALARP "A railway automatic track warning system based on distributed personal mobile terminals" (DG RTD Transport - FP7 CP no. 234088)
CyberROAD "Developing the Cybercrime and Cyber-terrorism research roadmap" (FP7-SEC-2013 GA no. 607642)
I-ALLOW "Imaging analysis in all lighting and off weather conditions" (H2020 GA no. 645262)
IMPACT "Impact of Cultural aspects in the management of emergencies in public Transport" (H2020 GA no. 653383)
DOGANA "Advanced social engineering and vulnerability assessment framework" (H2020 GA no. 653618)
HERMENEUT "Enterprises intangible Risk Management via Economic models based on simulation of modern cyber attacks" (H2020 GA no. 740322)
LETS-CROWD "Law Enforcement agencies human factor methods and Toolkit for the Security and protection of CROWDs in mass gatherings" (H2020 GA no. 740322)
PROPRS is active as contributing partner in the following EC-funded projects: